Ten Hottest Trends in Video Games.


Whether you are a fan of adventure, action or casino video games, and whether you are loyal to your Xbox or PlayStation, there’s always something happening in the video game world. Let’s take a look as the 10 hottest items at the moment…

1) $100 PlayStation Store Gift Card ($99.99).

With the holiday season coming up, why not shop early for the PlayStation lover in your life and get them something you know they’ll love? This gift card will allow them to download all the latest PS4, PS3 and PS Vita games.


2) PlayStation VR ($399.99).

This incredible item has the most incredible 3D Audio technology and will allow you to upgrade your gaming experience and step into the world of virtual reality. Using the PlayStation VR by plugging it into your PlayStation camera, you can play games such as the new Star Wars Battlefront that will take you to a whole new dimension!


3) Xbox One S 2TB Console- Battlefield 1 Special Edition Bundle ($349.99).

This is a must-have for all die hard Xbox fans! This special edition console has everything you need for the ultimate gaming experience! The good news is that it also has Blu-Ray capability!


4) Xbox One S 500 GB Console – Battlefield 1 Bundle ($299.99).

Fans of war and adventure games will fall in love with this console which comes with a complete download of Battlefield 1 as well as one whole month EA access and a nifty Xbox wireless controller. The console also allows up to an astonishing 64 players on Xbox live which is unprecedented!


5) PlayStation 4 500 GB Console – Uncharted 4 Limited Edition Bundle ($279.99).

This new PlayStation model looks far nicer than its predecessors! It has a great, thinner shape, a lovely blue-gray color and the artwork has also been redesigned. In terms of user experience, the graphics really are cutting-edge an the processing speed is lightning fast making your gaming experience absolutely amazing!


6) Xbox $100 Gift Card ($99.99).

Another great gift idea for the upcoming holidays, an Xbox $100 Gift Card is the ideal gift for the Xbox fans in your life! This gift card will allow them to buy games, movies, entertainment, apps, map packs and so much more on either Windows or Xbox.


7) Sony PlayStation 4 500 GB Console ($288.00).

Another winning product from Sony! The Sony PlayStation 4 500 GB Console has a PS Vita platform, meaning that users can play their well-loved PS4 games on this amazing 5 inch display via a wifi connection. It also features a suspend mode which eliminates irritating loading time on saved games, allowing you to return to games exactly where you left off.


8) PlayStation Move Motion Controllers -Two Pack ($99.99).

For the most amazing and enhanced gaming experience, combing these motion controllers with the PlayStation VR and prepare to be blown away! As with the PlayStation VR, these two motion controllers work with your PlayStation camera, tracking subtle as well as any fast movements you make, turning you into a master gamer-every time!


9) PlayStation 4 Slim 500 GB Console – Uncharted Bundle ($299.00).

Slim and compact, but by no means powerless! With its Dual Shock 4 Wireless Controller and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End on a Blu-Ray disc, the PlayStation 4 Slim 500 GB Console really does make for exceptional gaming!


10) Sony PlayStation 4 Pro – 1 TB ($399.00).

The most amazing offer by Sony yet, the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro – 1 TB offers gamers the most incredible graphics in order to enhance gaming. When you buy this first class console, you are able to stream up to a whopping 4K and auto upscale for video content!