Make Your Children Smile with these Top Toys & Games

Make Your Children Smile with these Top Toys & Games

If you have little children at your home, you must be in the habit of buying various toys and games for them. While buying any toy or games for the little ones in the family, you need to ensure that the toys are made of good quality materials which would not cause any health hazard to the little ones as they play with it. At the same time, you would expect the toys to entertain the little ones and keep them busy playing the whole day long. Here are some of the most popular toys and games that would bring smile on the face of any kid as you gift it to them.

Num Noms Lipgloss Truck Craft Kit

Let the little one have the fun of creating her own lip gloss by using the different flavors that are available with this craft kit. The different flavors of lip gloss that are available with this pack are cherry, vanilla and glitter sprinkles. All you have to do is select the flavor, add the sprinkles, mix the entire thing up and dispense it from the ice cream machine into the sundae container. This craft kit can be gifted to children who are 3 years old or more than that.

Fisher-Price Little People Surprise

As you gift this little, sweet and chirpy home kit to your child, it would keep him busy the whole day long. This toy set includes everything that you would find at any home. The day starts with the sweet sounding alarm sound to wake up the members of this sweet little home. Enjoy seeing your child play with the miniature items like the oven and the fridge.

There are voice commands loaded in the toy set that guides the children when to wash their hands or what is the color of the apple that is kept inside the mini fridge. This is a totally education and fun filled toy set that is ideal for children aged between 12 months to 5 years.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker (Frustration Free Packaging)

Watch your little one learn walking with this interactive baby walker. The little baby would have a happy learning experience as it hears cheerful sounds coming from the walker as it stops crawling and slowly learns to walk. There are many other educational and recreational features with this walker that makes it a must have for parents who have children aged between 9 months to 3 years.

LEGO Star Wars 75146 Advent Calendar Building Kit (282 Piece)

Unleash the creative side of your child with the LEGO Star Wars 75146 advent calendar building kit. This 282 pieces building set includes all the vehicles that you would find in the Star Wars series. Let you child have the fun of playing all weapons that are seen to be handled by the world famous characters of Star Wars. As you gift this building set to your little one, you can be sure of seeing the widest smile on his or her face.

It is true that children are never satisfied with their toys and gifts and thus you would need to keep on shopping for the best and fun-filled toys and games for your little one. Apart from the most popular and entertaining toy and games set as mentioned above, you would get many other options as you check the internet.