Quick & Cheap Recipes You Can Make at Home!

Rustic Tomato Basil Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches


If you are a foodie and love going to restaurants to savor your taste buds, but have not been able to do so owing to certain financial crunch, here are some mouth smacking and inexpensive recipes you can make at home. These recipes will let you treat your taste buds with the some good quality and tasty food that that will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese

This nutritious yet inexpensive recipe will serve the right appetizer at the beginning of your meal. All you would need is a loaf of bread, sliced cheese and a pack of creamy tomato soup. Apply butter on four slices of bread and place them flat on a frying pan or hot griddle. Place a slice of cheese on the bread and cover it with another buttered slice of bread. Heat this combination till the time the cheese melts inside and the butter start looking golden brown.

Prepare the tomato soup as per instructions on the pack and your food is ready to be consumed. This whole item will not cost you anything more $2 per serving.

Grilled chicken with sweet potato fries

To make this stomach filling and mouth watering food, you would need 6 chicken breasts, 4-5 sweet potatoes, and a bottle of barbeque sauce. These items will cost you nothing more than $10 to $12 collectively and you would be able to serve 4-5 people easily.

Wash the sweet potatoes thoroughly and slice them into half inch thick circles. Drizzle the potato slices with olive oil till they are fully smeared and then lay them flat on a baking dish. Sprinkle some of your favorite seasoning like oregano or Cajun and bake the potatoes at 400 degrees for about half an hour. While you do this, grill the chicken breasts till they time the pinkish tint goes off them. Serve both the chicken and the potato fries with barbeque sauce and see the ecstasies of your family members or guests as they eat this inexpensive but yummy food item.

Peppered sausages with ring onion

Everyone loves sausages! It is time that you serve your dear ones with some of their favorite food in the form of peppered sausage with ring onion. Take the sausages and slice them with a thickness of about ½ inch. Use some bell peppers, a couple of clove and garlic and one finely chopped sweet onion to sauté the sausage in a frying pan. To add to the taste, you can add a little amount of olive oil and black pepper as you add salt.

Slice another piece of sweet onion to form rings and fry them slightly in a frying pan to get the brownish tint on the onion rings. Serve the cooked sausages with the onion rings to your guests and see them enjoy the delicious and mouth watering food with all the joy on their faces.

Apart from these, there are many inexpensive recipes that you can make at home and keep on amazing your family members and guests with the taste and flavors of the food, without hurting your pocket.